Houston's Used and New Office Furniture Price Leader


At Systems Office Furniture, Inc. we are proud to be the price leader in used office furniture in Houston, Texas. We carry a extensive line of used office furniture and new office furniture. Having experience in the office furniture industry for over 25 years we offer a staff that is well versed in used and new office furniture and the office furniture purchasing process.


There is no project to big or too small. Working in the Houston, Texas area for many years allows us to be a one stop shop for all your office furniture needs right in your own backyard. Systems Office Furniture also spends a great deal of time servicing the Austin, San Antionio, Waco, and Dallas areas. Give us a call today to start the best office furniture buying experience you will ever have. 


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Reap the Benefits of Used Office Furniture


You’ve decided to buy office furniture, but that doesn’t mean you have to run down to your local office supply showroom and invest top dollar in new furniture.  Companies that have closed, up-graded, or down-sized provide a great source of durable and clean used office furniture.  Often, this high-quality furniture is purchased from real estate offices and corporate businesses, has brand names, and has little or no wear on them.  With used office furniture, you can get a well designed work space that offers the same functionality as new with a few added benefits.


Cost:  Used office furniture is priced at a fraction of the cost of new.  In fact, you can save as much as 75% when purchasing used office furniture.  This savings can be invested in other areas of your business such as office equipment, supplies, and labor.    


Low Environmental Footprint:  By purchasing used office furniture, you contribute to environmentally conscious efforts to reduce landfills and the energy consumption necessary to manufacture new products.  It builds customer loyalty as consumers are becoming savvy about eco-friendly companies.  Furthermore, employees often appreciate the efforts employers make to do their part to improve the environment.      


Time:  Ordering and shipping new office furniture takes valuable time that could interfere with your business’s daily activities.  After making your style and color selection, manufactures may then require weeks to produce that particular product, requiring as much as an additional two weeks to ship the new furniture to your office.  Finally, your office furniture will need assembling.  In some cases, it is up to you to either hire someone or spend valuable time assembling it yourself.  Used office furniture from Systems Office Furniture, Inc. is waiting in the warehouse, ready to be assembled and installed by our office design professionals. 


Quality:  Used office furniture doesn’t receive the wear that home furniture does, so even though it may be a few years old, it could still look new.  Additionally, used office furniture remains durable for many years.


Systems Office Furniture, Inc. provides a low cost, eco-friendly, and time saving solution to your office furniture needs.  We carry desks, office chairs, cubicles, and other office furniture in brand names like Hawthorn, Allsteel, and Herman Miller.  Our office furniture is inspected and professionally cleaned to give you a “like new” environment, or you can choose to purchase remanufactured furniture that has been given a little extra care with a touch of paint or fabric replacement.  Our professionals design your office space layout and install your furniture with efficiency in mind.